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Christelle Nihoul

I am a knitting pattern designer born in Belgium but touching everything would perhaps be fairer. As long as I can remember, I create with my hands. I learned to knit, crochet, make bread and draw patterns in my grandmother’s workshop. With those few skills, I created my first boss at the age of 15—a long sweater with a sea of jersey and ribs in twists, and then came the time when I put my needles away, to go to university where I started nursing. Like many of you, I graduated, I started working, I got married, I had children and I went back to school, and soon after the birth of my last daughter, I realized that this rhythm no longer suited me and I decided to start a new adventure. That’s when I left a full-time job in health care to spend all my time creating bosses. With the help of my husband, an experienced photographer and my three wonderful models, I founded a small company based on our combined passion for photography and design.Finding inspiration in colors, in “haute couture”, fashion, nature, architecture (and much more), I now devote my days to publishing patterns and ebooks for discerning knitters who love fashion.


Bérangère Cailliau

I’ve always seen my mom knitting and it’s from her that I learned the basics of knitting.
After a while without touching a needle, I started knitting again when my first child arrived, then I discovered, thanks to the internet and Ravelry, the multiple possibilities of making knitting more pleasant. I like to play with geometry, textured stitches and colors to create modern models, pleasant to knit and easy to wear. I want to share the well-being that brings a moment in the company of its needles by offering contemporary and well explained models.

Chrissie Day

English fibre artist known for her innovative knitwear and felting designs, can be found in all the most popular British / American fibre magazines and journals. She uses felt, knitting and embroidery to create very unique ‘one of a kind’ pieces. Chrissie is a writer with ten published titles to date on knitting, crochet, wire jewellery and felting. Her functional fashion accessories fuse her distinctive style with fine design techniques which ensure they are unique. She cannot remember a time before fibre, a time when yarn did not feature in her life. Her inspiration is always nature and certain architecture that grasps her attention as she travels.


Rililie is working since 2012 as a designer under the label La Maison Rililie Designs, designing women’s garments and accessories full time and loving every minute of it. With a background in Fine Arts, her knowledge regarding human anatomy or the flattering use of colours and shapes helps her immensely when designing for various body types. Her passion is finding creative ways to construct seamless designs that are both comfortable and chic as also fun to knit up. Rililie loves participating at international workshops and teaching favourite subjects, exploring the endless possibilities to adapt any pattern to one’s own body or preferences and demonstrate how to detect where to individually modify for a better fit. Together with each participant they discuss what to look out for and how to proceed in different garment constructions.
She enjoys sharing as much valuable information as possible regarding knitting techniques or different takes on existing methods.
You can find her on her website: – or simply as @rililie on Instagram

André De Castro

I’m a knitwear / handknitting designer, researcher and instructor based in Porto, Portugal. My first training is as a classical violonist, but love of textiles and clothes led me to study fashion design and illustration. Other passionof mine include history and knitting traditions from around the world…So I devoted some years traveling around Europe to learn and develop in depth the most divers aspects related to knitting traditions, even the most unkown ones. I’m a knitting geek who loves design, math and i make the complex things seems simple to my students!
Since 2 years I have been a regular teacher for  VOGUE KNITTING LIVE (USA).


Karine Spinner

 Under this name evocative of the reflections of the sky on Norman strikes, Karine Spinner creates clothes and accessories in linen, hemp, wool and silk, which she dyes in natural colors. It thus seeks to express the affinity of fiber and colors drawn from the plant resources within our reach. She is also a passionate who likes to transmit her pleasure of making colors: she invites you to share it with her in a warm and creative atmosphere, by participating in her initiation workshops to ancestral techniques of plant colors. @piedsnusdansleciel