Double knitting for beginners with Chrissie Day saturday 1st (+FESTIVAL ENTRANCE)


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Double knitting is a technique that enables the knitter to produce two layers of knitting in one piece. The technique can produce tubes, self-lined accessories, and garments. We have many techniques to learn regarding casting-on, casting-off, shaping simultaneous sides together, and edge work.

New : We will cover the double-knit ribbing which shows both the colours on either sides in ribbing and the special yarn placements needed to achieve this.

There are special colour cast-ons to learn as well as edge stitches and reversing the designs in the chosen colours.

We have Cable cast-on, Single colour cast-on, Double colour cast-on, Ribbed cable cast-on, Ribbed long tail cast-on which gives two very distinctive colour sides, Twined cable cast-on, Braided cable cast-on, Two colour long tail ribbed cast-on, Italian cast-on, Two colour tubular cast-on, and Two colour moebius cast-on.

You will learn how to hold the wools and the working principles of hidden stranding.

It is not just a technique to give opposite colours on two sides, there are techniques to learn to produce layers, pockets, cuffs, two types of stitch design garment edging and the latest designs in dissimilar sides double knitting.

Join me in the first lesson of Double Knitting for Beginners with full written instructions in French to take home and a charted design written for the class covering the techniques you have mastered in our time together.

Two colours of yarn are needed to work on a 2.75mm-3mm needle.