Anatomical Knitting with RILILIE Sunday 2nd (+FESTIVAL ENTRANCE)


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Sunday 2nd
Anatomical Knitting
How to knit up a garment according to your own body shape.
Focusing on human anatomy and 3-D geometrical shapes of our bodies, this class showcases how to adapt the fit of a knitted garment with equivalent shapes and forms, taking different body types and morphologies into account.
Especially different necklines and yokes in top down- seamless knits and their fit will be discussed (what works best for which body type):
Basic construction of raglan/ set in sleeves / round yoke will be introduced: which body type they flatter and possible modifications, to make them work for everybody.
This class will provide Rililie’s latest design as a base for exploring specific hands-on examples for personalised modification needs of the participants during the workshop.