All about hats with RILILIE Sunday 2nd (+FESTIVAL ENTRANCE)


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Sunday 2nd
All about hats
everything about construction, fit, colour and modification to knit up any hat according to your own face shape.
In this class everything that has an impact on the fit, shape and look of a knitted hat will be analysed. We will talk about different constructions and how they affect the distribution of volume in different parts of a hat and take a look at the influence that colour choice and placement can have to any shape. Individual modifications of different sections of the hat in regards to our very own preferences and face-shapes will be discussed in detail.
The course will address methods on how to size up or down a given pattern or adjust to a different gauge, on how to calculate motif repeats during the crown decreases and give even ideas for when it is OK to work a perfectly fitting hat without swatching.
An exclusively made hat pattern with different options will be provided to be worked during the course for a hands-on experience of all the theory.