Book your workshop for Saturday and Sunday All workshops are in French. Chrissie Day, André de Castro workshop are in English.

Marion Em

I am an avid passionate knitter, illustrator and knitwear designer. Inspired by my walks, my travels through the seasons but especially by my children who add magic to my daily life, I love all stages of the creative process of design. Always in search of new techniques, I experiment with new forms, new points in my designs. I like to pick and combine my favorite items to make clothes and accessories always different. I work primarily with independent dyers to create designs inspired by our respective worlds. I like the exchanges that result from these collaborations, from which are often born beautiful friendships and new ideas specific to our personalities. The important thing for me and to create new things.
(PS: I speak English, English students are therefore welcome)

André de Castro

My name is André de Castro and I live in Porto, Portugal. I’m a knitwear designer, researcher and instructor. I also have degrees in design and fashion illustration. My first training is as classical violinist but about 8 years ago I decided to embrace the passion I had for crafts and start to dedicate myself entirely to knitting. From that moment on I was totally surrendered and since then I have been traveling around Europe to learn and develop in depth the most diverse aspects related to the subject. Something that interests me is to get to know and learn the techniques that are traditional in each country. At this moment my main focus is the Portuguese Style of Knitting and taking this tradition abroad using the techniques
from my country as a source of inspiration. As there are not so many variants of knitting in Portugal I decided to develop a way of using the Portuguese Knitting Style applied to all kinds of knitting techniques in order to make them more effective, simple and quick to execute. Since 2016 I dedicate my time designing patterns that I am starting to launch for the international public, teaching all over the country and developing the Portuguese technique, so that all people from other parts of the world can learn from someone native and who loves what he does. In 2019 I taught on a Knitting Retreat in Italy and in at Perth Festival of Yarn (Scotland), and Barcelona Knits (Barcelona).

Bérangère Cailliau

I’ve always seen my mom knitting and it’s from her that I learned the basics of knitting.
After a while without touching a needle, I started knitting again when my first child arrived, then I discovered, thanks to the internet and Ravelry, the multiple possibilities of making knitting more pleasant. I like to play with geometry, textured stitches and colors to create modern models, pleasant to knit and easy to wear. I want to share the well-being that brings a moment in the company of its needles by offering contemporary and well explained models.

Chrissie Day

English fibre artist known for her innovative knitwear and felting designs, can be found in all the most popular British / American fibre magazines and journals. She uses felt, knitting and embroidery to create very unique ‘one of a kind’ pieces. Chrissie is a writer with ten published titles to date on knitting, crochet, wire jewellery and felting. Her functional fashion accessories fuse her distinctive style with fine design techniques which ensure they are unique. She cannot remember a time before fibre, a time when yarn did not feature in her life. Her inspiration is always nature and certain architecture that grasps her attention as she travels.

Besté Pekoz Bonnard

Besté Pekoz Bonnard began as a lawyer in Istanbul . After several years, she chose to change her lifestyle to devote herself entirely to her passion for plants. At first self-taught, she pursued a course as an ethno-botanist at the University of Lille, before meeting with great masters of vegetable dyeing like Michel Garcia, Sandrine Rozier, Clement Bottier, Tomoko Kitaoko, Cecilia Aguirre, Francois Delamare, Irit Dulman and Aboubakar Fofana, which allows him to develop his own technique. Today Besté travels between France, Austria, Italy where she regularly runs workshops and workshops around eco-print and vegetable dyeing.
In Turkey, she has initiated the revival of these techniques (more than 1000 people trained for two years) and occasionally gives courses at the Fine Arts University of Mimar Sinan (Istanbul). Her workshop is located in Normandy, where she continues to exhibit, train and pursue her own research.

Mathilde Naisse

After starting her career in the textile industry, one of the most polluting sectors after oil, Mathilde Naisse, a young thirty-something realizes that it is time for her to take action. “The fashion world no longer had any glitter, and in less than five years I had ended my career with a burnout. After this first experience, she started an adventure in 2019 and launched Natissea, a natural knitting yarn brand made in France. “Nature”, essential to our survival and our development. “Weaving”, like human ties without which we cannot live. And “seal” as a certification for products, always more ecological and vegan. All these elements are a portrait of the values that drive Mathilde on a daily basis.


Karine Spinner

 Under this name evocative of the reflections of the sky on Norman strikes, Karine Spinner creates clothes and accessories in linen, hemp, wool and silk, which she dyes in natural colors. It thus seeks to express the affinity of fiber and colors drawn from the plant resources within our reach. She is also a passionate who likes to transmit her pleasure of making colors: she invites you to share it with her in a warm and creative atmosphere, by participating in her initiation workshops to ancestral techniques of plant colors. @piedsnusdansleciel